Pizza night at my parents’ place

For years we have had the tradition of making pizza at home. My mom likes making wholewheat pizza dough and my dad is the mastermind assembling the pizzas. This time I decided to spice things up with more exotic toppings:

  • Mozarella, prosciuto, camenbert, rocket, pineapple, avocado and spring onion.
  • image

  • Mozarella, blue cheese, caramelised onion and garlic, oven-roasted butternut and roasted pumpkin seeds.
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  • Mozarella, button mushrooms, green pepper, salami, sun-dried tomato, spring onion and olives (My dad’s usual ‘Super Supreme’).
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  • Pesto and cherry tomatoes drizzled with a balsamic reduction (not shown here).
  • Definitely the best tasting pizza we’ve ever made!