Pizza night at my parents’ place

For years we have had the tradition of making pizza at home. My mom likes making wholewheat pizza dough and my dad is the mastermind assembling the pizzas. This time I decided to spice things up with more exotic toppings:

  • Mozarella, prosciuto, camenbert, rocket, pineapple, avocado and spring onion.
  • image

  • Mozarella, blue cheese, caramelised onion and garlic, oven-roasted butternut and roasted pumpkin seeds.
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  • Mozarella, button mushrooms, green pepper, salami, sun-dried tomato, spring onion and olives (My dad’s usual ‘Super Supreme’).
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  • Pesto and cherry tomatoes drizzled with a balsamic reduction (not shown here).
  • Definitely the best tasting pizza we’ve ever made!


    You can make hummus dessert? Oh my word…

    Wannabe Chef's Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Hummus Dessert

    Who would have guessed it? Chick peas truly are versatile. Do yourself a favour and go a look at this wonderful recipe! It sounds absolutely delicious. I am going to try to make it over the weekend. Can’t wait!

    Chickpea Cookie dough / Nutty Butties

    This is But can she bake? ‘s version of the hummus dessert. It would be interesting to try both and see which is the nicer one. Definitely a worthy pursuit!

    Nigella’s Chocolate Pear Pudding

    CHOCOLATE PEAR PUDDING | Recipes | Nigella Lawson: Nigella Lawson’s official site for recipes, books and latest news.

    Awesome and quick dessert 🙂 I had a tin of pears nearing its expiry date and this was my Google answer. I halved the recipe and it still worked perfectly. Yum! Definitely worth a try, folks! Nigella sure knows her chocolate…Her website has a great layout and presentation. The link above is to the recipe itself.

    My version was not as visually stimulating as hers though, so this is not what mine looked like! It tasted great nonetheless.


    My friend Laurian’s birthday cake

    I was too broke for a cappucino somewhere so I invited my friend over instead, rushed home after work and quickly baked her a cake. It’s such an easy recipe. I found it on the reverse of the Nestlé Cacao label quite a few years ago. I didn’t have dark chocolate for the icing so I dumped a load of cacao in it to make up for it. I used a step ladder to pick a lemon from the tree in my garden. Fresh lemon juice, vanilla essence and good quality coffee is my secret for great ‘chocolate’ icing:)

    Middle Eastern Food by John Cullen

    Photo © John Cullen/House and Home – visit John Cullen’s Photography site.

    Wow, this is an eyegasm! I should really go into food photography, then I wouldn’t have to reblog it from other people…This is part of a photo shoot on Middle Eastern food done by John Cullen for the House and Home magazine of March 2011. The photos are showed nicely on his Posterous blog. The colours are phenomenal.